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Podcast 12: Meet the Mr. Miyagi of Nor Cal’s Grasshopper Adventure Series

20 odd years ago Miguel Crawford began pinning Forest Service maps to his wall and plotting meandering routes through the hidden backroads Northern California’s rugged coastal range. He soon coerced enough buddies and willing souls to embark on ride-whatcha-got outings, and well before anyone uttered ‘gravel bike’ or ‘groad’, the Grasshopper Adventure Series was born. The series kicks off in…

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A Two-Wheeled, Climb-Laden 4th Of July Celebration

In 1947 the United States entered a Cold War with the USSR, and in order to protect our country from a possible air assault, numerous Nike Missile sites were constructed throughout the country. Los Angeles County alone had more bases than any state, numbering 16. Over fifty years have passed since they’ve been decommissioned and there isn’t much to denote…

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The Best Of Sea Otter Classic: 5 Cycling Journalists Give Their Picks

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What makes the Sea Otter Classic so popular? The trails that are just minutes away from the festival are a large part of what helped make it a staple event for racers and industry alike.  Each year I half expect to show up at the Sea Otter Classic and see a decline in the number of industry brands in the…

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Chris’ Top 10 Rides of 17

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Trying to categorize last year’s top rides is like trying to pick my favorite bottle of Pinot. It’s a tall order replete with the potential to overlook a gem. But a “best of” list deserves careful consideration, so here goes. Gravel: Anywhere, Anytime I’d danced around the edges of gravel but last year I came to fully appreciate that fun…

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Neil’s Top-10 Rides Of 2017

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Proving that good rides have no expiration date, here are my Top-10 Rides of 2017. It might already be March, but in an attempt to up my winter stoke level I thought it was time to take a look back on last year’s best. Because I’m an equal opportunity cyclist, you’ll find this list free of surface prejudices and includes…

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#RoadtoDK: Only thing Bigger than the Challenge is Overall Experience

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Fresh off the Rock Cobbler gravel race last weekend, Neil was reminded that the journey is more about pedaling the bike, and proffered these sage tips for Tim’s #RoadtoDK. When it comes to Dirty Kanza, the only thing bigger than the challenge is the overall experience. In order to make sure the tough times are balanced out with fun, here…

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#RoadtoDK: Tech Tips for Tim

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When spending an entire day in saddle riding over an uncountable number of flint rocks trying to steal precious life from tires, not to mention unparalleled Kansas mud, equipment plays an outsized role in successfully getting through Dirty Kanza–there’s a mega amount of info to know. Fortunately for Tim (and all of us) our colleague Neil is a gear guru.…

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#MondayMotivation — Yuri Hauswald’s Top Tips for Tim

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Yuri Hauswald lays claim to an impressive resume of ridiculous ultra endurance events & adventures, including winning the 2015 Dirty Kanza. Fresh off Land Run 100, we’ll be rapping with Yuri on an upcoming podcast.  But until then, his three tips for Tim can be considered DK dogma. 1. Have a nutrition plan and practice/train with it. Begin experimenting with a combination…

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