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Podcast #11: Inside The Mind of Crusher in the Tushar Promoter Burke Swindlehurst

This Saturday 600 riders will roll out from Beaver, Utah, and head deep into the Tushar Mountains for the eighth edition of the Crusher In The Tushar. The event began as something promoter Burke Swindlehurst initially wasn’t sure would pique the interest of anyone, yet has gone on to cement itself as a cornerstone of the cycling calendar, featuring participants…

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Chino Grinder Showcases Arizona’s Gravel Paradise

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Just outside of the historic town of Prescott, Arizona, a highly popular destination for mountain bikers, Chino Valley sits 15 miles to the north and is quickly becoming a hot spot for gravel riders thanks to the quiet and scenic unpaved roads that go off in every direction outside of the city limits. It was just over a year ago…

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The Best Of Sea Otter Classic: 5 Cycling Journalists Give Their Picks

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What makes the Sea Otter Classic so popular? The trails that are just minutes away from the festival are a large part of what helped make it a staple event for racers and industry alike.  Each year I half expect to show up at the Sea Otter Classic and see a decline in the number of industry brands in the…

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Building A DK Engine

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In our ongoing series of articles on all things Dirty Kanza, we have the first of a three-part training piece from Jesse Moore of Moore Performance Coaching. Jesse’s clients represent some of the country’s top athletes, ranging from triathlon to pro road racing. Yet even with decades of experience, his commitment to helping Chris Lyman prepare for the demands of…

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Neil’s Top-10 Rides Of 2017

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Proving that good rides have no expiration date, here are my Top-10 Rides of 2017. It might already be March, but in an attempt to up my winter stoke level I thought it was time to take a look back on last year’s best. Because I’m an equal opportunity cyclist, you’ll find this list free of surface prejudices and includes…

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The Making of a Dirty Kanza Racer

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Finding success at Dirty Kanza 200 is determined by a number of factors. Racing 200 miles through the Flint Hills of Kansas on gravel roads is, of course, a major challenge regardless of who you are, how much you train, or how methodical you are with your nutritional needs. Yet no matter how dialed you are with all of those,…

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Everyone Loves A Fresh Set Of Goals For The New Year, Even Us

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Like nearly everyone else in the world, the Our Outdoor Office team also likes to set goals for the New Year. It’s really not that surprising that we all went with sporting goals considering three of us plan to compete at Dirty Kanza in June while the fourth has big plans on the ultramarathon side. “The doing is often more…

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Gran Fondo Tips From A First Timer

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As someone who has ridden dozens of Gran Fondo cycling events all over the globe, from Italy to Israel to France, I’m often asked for tips or advice by those getting ready to tackle their first event. This time around though, the advice is coming from someone with a little less experience, but who is much more in tune with…

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Making Gravel Standard

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From the dirt roads of Colorado’s Haute Route Rockies to the unforgiving Flint Hills of the Dirty Kanza 200, the popularity of events that take riders away from the comforts of the pavement just keeps growing. As more mixed-surface and gravel events continue popping up all over the globe, the question of which tire size, and in some cases, what…

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