Best Commute Ever: Riding from Marin to Monterey for Sea Otter Classic

“Commuting” by bike to the Sea Otter Classic has become an annual tradition for the Outdoor Office. We concocted the idea with Yuri Hauswald from GU Energy, and this year marked the third edition. We started a little further north than year’s past in Marin, and rode with a group of old & new friends including Neil Shirley, Jake Pantone and Clint Child from ENVE Composites; the Queen of Pain, Rebecca Rusch; Colin and Kevin from Meteor x Giordana; and journalists Spencer Powlison and James Stout.

SFO to Sea Otter with ENVE from ENVE Composites on Vimeo.

Thanks to Floyd’s of Leadville, Bonk Breaker, ENVE and of course GU for the support. Maybe we’ll see you on the road to Sea Otter next year.