Podcast #10: We Have Questions About CBD, Ph.D. neuroscientist Josh Kaplan Has Answers

Is CBD about to have a moment?

This month the legalization of hemp has been riding along with Farm Bill legislation, while for 2018 WADA removed hemp-based CBD from the banned list, making it a viable option for athletes seeking relief from pain along with a number of other potential uses. Yet it’s not the cure-all that some make it out to be, and there’s a great deal of confusion about how CBD is derived, what’s legal and what comprises medical marijuana.

We sought out Ph.D. neuroscientist Josh Kaplan, an expert in the field, to find some answers. The conversation covered everything from potential uses to different types of products to the current shortage of research and much more.

On iTunes: https://goo.gl/85z2hR

Find Dr. Kaplan online: https://neurokaplan.com/

USADA resources: https://www.usada.org/2018-prohibited-list-summary-of-major-changes/