#RoadtoDK: Only thing Bigger than the Challenge is Overall Experience

Fresh off the Rock Cobbler gravel race last weekend, Neil was reminded that the journey is more about pedaling the bike, and proffered these sage tips for Tim’s #RoadtoDK.

When it comes to Dirty Kanza, the only thing bigger than the challenge is the overall experience. In order to make sure the tough times are balanced out with fun, here are a few tips on how to maximize the awesomeness.

1: It’s all about mindset going in. Be ready to embrace even the most difficult of moments. It takes a bit of mental training to handle turning a negative into a positive. I’ve cracked spectacularly out there a couple of times, and rather than look to end the day early I took the opportunity to snap a few extra photos and take in the scenery that I was going so much slower past than anticipated.

2: Stop at a roadside party. You’ll see a few of them at farmhouses right along the route. They are out there partying for us, so stop in, grab a cold coke and refill water. It will be one of the most refreshing things you can possibly imagine.

3: Fine tune your high-five technique. When coming back into Emporia be prepared to high-five about 1,000 people through the finishing chute. Enjoy it! You worked hard for this moment so soak it up by taking in the excitement of the locals. It’s a powerful moment.