#MondayMotivation — Yuri Hauswald’s Top Tips for Tim

Yuri Hauswald lays claim to an impressive resume of ridiculous ultra endurance events & adventures, including winning the 2015 Dirty Kanza. Fresh off Land Run 100, we’ll be rapping with Yuri on an upcoming podcast.  But until then, his three tips for Tim can be considered DK dogma.

1. Have a nutrition plan and practice/train with it. Begin experimenting with a combination of solids, gels and liquids, caloric and non-caloric sports drinks, to find what works best for your system. I suggest shooting for 200 to 300 calories (solids, gels, liquids) and at least one bottle per hour. You can have all the fitness in the world,  but if you don’t have enough gas in the tank, hitting empty in the Flint Hills will definitely ruin your day. 

2. The more rubber the better. The Flint Hills are unforgiving on tires, and flatting is inevitable, so run as fat a tire as possible. I suggest 38 cm or bigger.

3. Ride with a hydration pack, preferably CamelBak’s Chase Bike Vest.  The start is hectic and fast,  the gravel is sharp and bumpy, and the “good” line is always changing,  so being able to have hands free hydration will make you safer and allow you to stay on top of your fluids when others are afraid to take their hands off the bars.