#RoadtoDK — Ted Talks Tips for Tim

We almost feel bad about peer pressuring our colleague Tim into the Dirty Kanza 100. Almost. Absence of guilt acknowledged, we decided to help pave his bumpy road to Emporia with tips from the legends. And where better to start than the 2016 King of DK, Ted King, and being prepared for the unexpected.

1. Always be two steps ahead. (That’s code for “Be Prepared”, since purely saying Be Prepared is totally hackneyed.) Have a spare for your spare, know how much water you’ll need at each stop and have extra, have an extra pair of bibs at each rest stop — I’ve never needed it, but I guarantee someone has! Just be thinking three steps down the road.

2. Bring a guilty pleasure. When you’re 10+ plus hours into a race and you’re rolling into a rest stop, you won’t be eagerly reaching for an energy bar. At that point you just need calories and an emotional boost. Pizza, Ho-Hos, gummy worms, a fresh Bud Light Lime? Whatever you need to get over that hump, have it on hand.

3. Embrace it! It’s a long day so no matter how you cut it, you’re going to suffer six ways til Sunday. You’ll also have moments of camaraderie, moments of happiness, moments of suffering, moments of dread, and moments of euphoria. Be ready for an all day adventure.