Everyone Loves A Fresh Set Of Goals For The New Year, Even Us

Like nearly everyone else in the world, the Our Outdoor Office team also likes to set goals for the New Year. It’s really not that surprising that we all went with sporting goals considering three of us plan to compete at Dirty Kanza in June while the fourth has big plans on the ultramarathon side.

“The doing is often more important than the outcome.” – Chris Lyman

After saying adios to bike racing for the elderly this year I did a lot of bike riding, but very little bike practice. Rolling around without dedication to a training calendar was refreshing day-in, day-out, but in competitive situations, I never really trusted my fitness. You can only be the nail so many times before the hammer starts looking pretty appealing. While “training” is not a word I’ll reintroduce to my lexicon, I’ll allow a couple outings per week with a purpose. Right now, that’s trying not to be overrun by cookie calories.

There were also competitive occasions where I didn’t feel like I squeezed every last drop out of available fitness. That always bugs me; I have no problem whatsoever getting beaten, but underperforming is a different story that I’ll be looking to re-write.

Compete with the top ultramarathon runners – Jeffrey Stern

After getting a taste of the ultramarathon scene in 2017, my main goal is to increase my training load and compete with some of the best pros in the country at the Way Too Cool 50k in March followed by ramping up my training to tackle the next distance goal, the notoriously competitive Lake Sonoma 50 miler in April.

I plan on incorporating blocks of longer runs over a two-day period to simulate the strain and fatigue of running 50 miles all at once. For example, I’ll run 20 miles on Saturday followed by 30 miles on Sunday with varied terrain and lots of vertical ascents as well as descent. This will prepare my mind and body to tackle the longer distance in April, without completely emptying my tank in one run. Two to three weeks before will be my biggest week (approximately 90 miles), then I will start to taper down to feel fresh, but ready to rip come race day.

A greater return on investment – Neil Shirley

I’d like to achieve more without a greater time investment for 2018. I’m not talking about the stock market, I’m referring to the investment in time. Whatever it is I’m doing I want to do it 100% rather than just going through the motions. For cycling, that means adding more structure to my riding to make my time on the bike more efficient in terms of what fitness I get out of it for the time that’s put in. Since time is our most valued commodity, maximizing what I’m able to accomplish in family, work, and sport is my major goal for next year.

It’s all about Dirty Kanza – Tim LeRoy

My goal is to finish and enjoy the Dirty Kanza 100!