Working in the Outdoor Office, a Good Day turned into a Great Week, and even better Reminder

A few days have passed back at my desk after spending last week on road (bike) with media and our client at the Mavic Haute Route Rockies test event. They’ve comprised working through the to-do list that accumulated and falling back into a familiar, daily routine. Still, the cherished time in outdoor office has remained fresh in my mind.

It’s never lost on me how good we have it at the Lyman Agency, especially when opportunities arise to spend extended time in the great outdoors or “in the field” with clients (and in my case/preference, particularly on a bike). These moments are work nirvana, and last week fun + job not only crossed path but ran parallel.

Make no mistake, the amount of preparation for the Haute Route event was daunting. As was the specter of setting off on a seven-day bike trek across Colorado, with a group of people from as far away as Switzerland, met just hours before. As the saying goes, it’s always an adventure. But to be a proper adventure requires a degree of uncertainty. No problem, we’re always game.

The riding was physically demanding and hours after consumed by keeping up with work before regrouping for dinner. Days started with bleary-eyed “good mornings” at 5:15am, which minutes later turned to chatter on the road and seeing what awe Mother Nature had in store around the next corner. This was repeated for seven days, yet never became routine.

To be sure, the group had common ground in riding both as a lifestyle choice and career. But there’s something to be said about spending upwards of six hours together on the bike, climbing off tired, retreating to our rooms to shower & catch up on goings-on, and then texting when and where wine o’ clock will take place. Where we began the week as work colleagues, along the way a camaraderie developed, doing our jobs, which just so happened to also be what we love to do.

Around the office we talk about staying relevant and not “aging out” of the comm & PR field that went from fax machines to Snapchat in a relatively short time. We’ll always have to stay abreast of the latest thing, be creative, and innovative. Yet last week served as a reminder that none of that is a substitute for spending time with media and clients–not to mention how refreshing the experience can be. Every Monday to Friday won’t involve a bike ride but at the risk of sounding cliche, PR is a ‘people business,’ which will never get old.