Finding success at Dirty Kanza 200 is determined by a number of factors. Racing 200 miles through the Flint Hills of Kansas on gravel roads is, of course, a major challenge regardless of who you are, how much you train, or how methodical you are with your nutritional needs. Yet no matter how dialed you are with all of those,…

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#RoadtoDK: Only thing Bigger than the Challenge is Overall Experience

Fresh off the Rock Cobbler gravel race last weekend, Neil was reminded that the journey is more about pedaling the bike, and proffered these sage tips for Tim’s #RoadtoDK. When it comes to Dirty Kanza, the only thing bigger than the challenge is the overall experience. In order to make sure the tough times are balanced out with fun, here…

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#RoadtoDK: Tech Tips for Tim

When spending an entire day in saddle riding over an uncountable number of flint rocks trying to steal precious life from tires, not to mention unparalleled Kansas mud, equipment plays an outsized role in successfully getting through Dirty Kanza–there’s a mega amount of info to know. Fortunately for Tim (and all of us) our colleague Neil is a gear guru.…

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The scoop on Chino Grinder gravel race

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As our friends at Road Bike Action, VeloNews, Bike Radar, ENVE and GU Energy recently discovered, the Arizona gravel scene is on-point. From McDowell Mountain Cycles’ weekly mixed surface group rides to events like the Chino Grinder it’s everything you can ask for (not to mention pretty nice winter weather). Speaking of Chino, Neil and I did it and will be back…

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Everyone Loves A Fresh Set Of Goals For The New Year, Even Us

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Like nearly everyone else in the world, the Our Outdoor Office team also likes to set goals for the New Year. It’s really not that surprising that we all went with sporting goals considering three of us plan to compete at Dirty Kanza in June while the fourth has big plans on the ultramarathon side. “The doing is often more…

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Gran Fondo Tips From A First Timer

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As someone who has ridden dozens of Gran Fondo cycling events all over the globe, from Italy to Israel to France, I’m often asked for tips or advice by those getting ready to tackle their first event. This time around though, the advice is coming from someone with a little less experience, but who is much more in tune with…

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Making Gravel Standard

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From the dirt roads of Colorado’s Haute Route Rockies to the unforgiving Flint Hills of the Dirty Kanza 200, the popularity of events that take riders away from the comforts of the pavement just keeps growing. As more mixed-surface and gravel events continue popping up all over the globe, the question of which tire size, and in some cases, what…

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Riding An Old Road Under A New Moon

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By Neil Shirley/ Photos Troy Templin Somewhere around Swede’s Cut, which comes midway through the 13-mile stretch of the Old Ridge Route that’s now closed to cars, I started imagining what it must have been like to drive this section in a Model T back when it first opened in 1915. As 11 of us rode along we created a…

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